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Specialist forum Applications & Education & Regulations

Hall 9, Booth 9-550

The focus in Hall 9 is on application, education and professional development, and on legislation, standards and regulations.

The participation in the specialist forums is included in the ticket for Chillventa 2022.

Topic overview

  • Leak detection, Refrigerant recovery, Circular economy
  • VDKF: LEC, Cybersecurity and digitalization
  • Eurovent Certification
  • Cold Chain
  • Centro Studi Galileo: New technology in light of the latest F-Gas revision proposal
    The short seminar aims at shedding some light on these relevant and topical points: 
  • F-Gases phase-down in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • Certification of personnel and of companies on alternative and natural refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning ; safe handling of flammable refrigerants
  • New technology in RAC components and plants.
  • New Refrigerant/Refrigerant mixtures
  • Transportation of  medical products
  • Soldering, Connectors
  • AREA: The future of RAC training and certification in the EU
    The short seminar aims at shedding some light on these relevant and topical points: 
  • Lack of adequate capacity building, focus on flammable refrigerants and safety, importance of certification 
  • Protect EU’s goals: ensuring F-gas Regulation compatibility with availability of equipment, 
  • lower-GWP refrigerant alternatives and trained personnel (technicians and engineers) to install them 
  • The challenges set by alternative and natural refrigerants: flammability, toxicity, high pressures, heat energy… 
  • eurammon offers a series of country-specific presentations (in English) to inform planners, operators and plant manufacturers about the situation and experiences with natural refrigerants.