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Specialist forum Application & Education & Regulations

In Hall 9, the focus was on application, training and further education, as well as laws, standards and regulations. For the first time, all presentations were recorded so that you can still watch them afterwards.

Hall 8, Booth 8-516

What you can expect at the specialist forum Application & Education & Regulations

Overview of the main topics (German and English lectures)

– Anwendung 

Solutions with low GWP Refrigerants  
Decarbonization in the Food Service space  
Innovative solutions for energy efficiency
Lubricant Properties, Challenges in the lubrication of heat pumps
Building Technology to reduce the energy use
Expansion systems for A2L/A3 refrigerants
R-474A as low GWP refrigerant
Controllers for optimal food preservation and food safety
Heat Pump efficiency optimization using R-454C
Heat Pump configuration for very cold weather
Distribution Center with advanced energy management
Refrigerant selection in data center cooling
VDMA: Combined heating and cooling
Comparison of R-454C, R-449A, and R-744 in Food Retail
State-of-art energy efficient Smart Store
Energieoptimierung in der Reinraumtechnik
Pharmablastfreeze - Einfriergerät für Temperaturen bis -120 °C

– Education

R-744 Training BWP: Angebote zur Aus- und Weiterbildung

– Regulations 
Regulations and climate change
Implications of EN 378 Part 1
EHPA: KEYMARK Certification for Heat Pumps  
eurovent certification
Requirements of IEC 60335-2-40 and IEC 60335-2-89
VDKF: Novellierte F-Gas-Verordnung, PFAS, Risikobeurteilung von Kälteanlagen
 Rechtliche Situation im Gewässerschutz
Richtlinie VDI 6044: Schäden an Kühlkreisläufen


– Miscellaneous 

Leakage Detection, Sensors, Efficient, automated leak testing  
Customer empowerment and digital transformation
Setting new standards for programmable controllers
Cyber Security Challenges in Industrial Controllers
Successful RRR operation in Poland
Simplifying the management of refrigeration installations
Electronic controllers and make technicians’ work easier
Dichtheitsprüfung mittels Kältemitteldetektor-Kamera

All the lectures will be recorded so that you can still watch all lectures afterwards.