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Specialist forum Application, Education & Regulations

In Hall 9, the focus was on application, training and further education, as well as laws, standards and regulations. For the first time, all presentations were recorded so that you can still watch them afterwards.





Topic overview

  • Leak detection, Refrigerant recovery, Circular economy
  • VDKF: LEC, Cybersecurity and digitalization
  • Eurovent Certification
  • Cold Chain
  • Centro Studi Galileo: New technology in light of the latest F-Gas revision proposal
    The short seminar aimed at shedding some light on these relevant and topical points: 
  • F-Gases phase-down in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • Certification of personnel and of companies on alternative and natural refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning ; safe handling of flammable refrigerants
  • New technology in RAC components and plants.
  • New Refrigerant/Refrigerant mixtures
  • Transportation of  medical products
  • Soldering, Connectors
  • AREA: The future of RAC training and certification in the EU
    The short seminar aimed at shedding some light on these relevant and topical points: 
  • Lack of adequate capacity building, focus on flammable refrigerants and safety, importance of certification 
  • Protect EU’s goals: ensuring F-gas Regulation compatibility with availability of equipment, 
  • lower-GWP refrigerant alternatives and trained personnel (technicians and engineers) to install them 
  • The challenges set by alternative and natural refrigerants: flammability, toxicity, high pressures, heat energy… 
  • eurammon offered a series of country-specific presentations (in English) to inform planners, operators and plant manufacturers about the situation and experiences with natural refrigerants.