Chillventa CONGRESS audience sitting at desks and listening to a lecture

Chillventa CONGRESS

On Monday, 10.10.2022, everything revolved around international knowledge transfer.

At the Chillventa CONGRESS with "ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium", high-calibre speakers shared their knowledge from research, development and practice. Here, 307 participants learned first-hand, on site and online via livestream, how the future of your industry is developing.

As a CONGRESS participant, you have the opportunity to watch all the presentations again afterwards.

All CONGRESS streams at a glance

Chillventa CONGRESS speaker is standing on a stage and speaks about heat pumping technologies

Heat Pumping Technologies for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Chillventa trade fair participants are standing together with an exhibtor around a cooling system

7th Innovation Day for Refrigeration Technology

Speaker of Chillventa CONGRESSS on stage at the ASERCOM EPEE Symposium

ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium

Chillventa trade fair participants feel the cooling of a computer with their hands

Air-conditioning for data centers