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Specialist forum Refrigeration

Hall 7A, Booth 7A-616

“Pure” refrigeration technology: the specialist forum Refrigeration reflected on the global topics affecting the industry and provided an opportunity to focus on and explore specific issues in depth.

Main topics:

  • Components for R-744 applications
  • How to Select a Refrigeration Lubricant
  • R-744 und R-717 in industrial refrigeration: Challenges as well as tips and solutions for pump selection
  • Minimize Vibrations. Reduce Noise. How to make your unit (even) quieter!
  • Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology
  • Thermoplastic flexible hoses for R-744 application
  • The historical development of connection technology in refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Process-safe brazing of copper-chromium-nickel steel joints with deep induction

The lectures were recorded for the first time, so that you can still watch all lectures afterwards.