Visitors at the entrance of Chillventa
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Barrier-free access

Chillventa 2022 - important information for people with disabilities

Getting there

  • By rail

    It takes around 8 minutes to travel by subway from Nuremberg's main station to the exhibition grounds.

    Good to know: All subway stations have at least one lift that takes you directly from ground level to the platforms.

    Information on subway, buses and trams:

    Information on rapid transit trains:
    Nuremberg public transport customer service line: +49 9 11 2 70 75-0

    DB (German Railways) mobility service centre:
    Customer service line: +49 18 06 51 25 12

  • By air

    Albrecht Dürer Airport has made it a major goal to provide completely barrier-free travel to people with disabilities. 

    For information on all barrier-free services at the airport at a glance:

    Tel.: +49 9 11 9 37 00

  • By car
    Display a valid disabled parking permit to park free of charge in our VIP parking spaces near the entrances:
  • Special Taxi Service

    There are transport services in Nuremberg with specially equipped vehicles for people with disabilities. 

    For any inquiries, please contact the Nuremberg Taxi Service directly by phoning: +49 9 11 1 94 10

At the exhibition grounds

  • Lifts
    The entire NürnbergMesse venue is barrier-free. You can easily access rooms on the upper floors using our lifts.
  • Operation Centre with first aid, medical support and police

    In our Operation Centre near Mitte entrance you will find a first aid station run by the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), police support, and accessible bathroom facilities. 

    In the event of emergencies on the exhibition grounds our Security Control Unit is available to help. Emergency number: +49 9 11 86 06-70 00 

  • WCs
    Restrooms are located near the Mitte (Operation Centre), West and Ost entrances, in all service areas between the exhibition halls, and in NCC Ost. The disabled toilet facilities on the entire exhibition grounds are freely accessible.
  • Wheelchair hire

    You can hire a wheelchair from the BRK for your trade fair visit. 

    Normal wheelchair (on presentation of ID): free of charge
    Electric wheelchair: 1st day €100, each additional day €50 

    Please contact the BRK 14 days before your visit. For inquiries at shorter notice please phone the BRK directly. 

    Phone: +49 9 11 86 06-62 09

    You can arrange a handover location at the exhibition centre with the BRK. 

    Phone numbers for BRK stations at exhibition centre 

    Depending on the event, the following BRK stations will be staffed: 

    Operation Centre: +49 9 11 86 06-61 56
    NCC West: +49 9 11 86 06-67 56 
    NCC Ost: +49 9 11 86 06-69 56 
    Frankenhalle: +49 9 11 86 06-63 56

  • Support person/carer
    If you rely on a support person/carer to help you during your trade fair visit they will be given free access to the venue on presentation of your disability ID card. 
  • Guide dogs
    Guide dogs are of course permitted at the venue. 

Questions and answers about Chillventa

You still haven't found the information you are looking for? We have summarized all the answers to the most important questions about Chillventa for you in our FAQ.