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BRENTA RENT is a company that has been in the business of renting air conditioning and process refrigeration equipment for 20 years.

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Via Dell'Industria 17
35020 Arzergrande

About us

BRENTA RENT is a company that has been in the business of renting air conditioning and process refrigeration equipment for 20 years.

Brenta Rent customers can choose the ideal solution for their needs from a large fleet of about 150 units, including industrial chillers (chillers) with cooling capacities ranging from 20 kW to more than 1000 kW, roof-top and air handling units.

The rental solution is increasingly used by a wide variety of industries, whether for summer air conditioning or winter heating, or process cooling, whether in emergency situations (maintenance, production peaks, stand-by, testing, sudden failures), or normal business operations and also as a strategic choice.

Rental of chillers has many advantages, including:

- no capital investment, easy expense to deliberate, tax recovery of the cost in the year,

- no depreciation of the equipment, fixed rate for a certain cost,

- use only for as long as necessary,

- machines always in perfect working order, maintenance and F-GAS compliance included,

- rental from industry specialists,

The machines in the BRENTA RENT fleet are all designed and built by our sister company ACM KÄLTE KLIMA with technical features according to our standard for COLD FOR RENT.

In addition to being equipped with all the necessary accessories for quick and non-invasive connection to the system (in particular, for chillers, quick-connect hydraulic connections and flexible piping), the units supplied are also equipped with:

- a thick metal frame enclosed in a strong yellow superstructure for handling and reinforcement;

- a sturdy general disconnect switch;

- a hydraulic circuit consisting of: a high-pressure hydraulic pump, a tank,

shut-off valves, pressure gauges, expansion tank, etc;

- Cu/Al finned pack condensers (oversized) capable of working with high outside air temperatures.

- Shell and tube evaporators for machines from 50 kW and up.

The perfect efficiency of the machines is ensured by continuous and accurate control of the machines, on which dynamic testing is carried out each time they return from a rental period. All storage, handling and maintenance activities are carried out at the plant in Arzergrande, in the province of Padua.

Brenta Rent offers its customers the opportunity to reserve units in advance for subsequent seasons. In this way, customers can choose the unit best suited to their needs and make sure they have it available for the upcoming season. In addition, the 'company provides a downtime option at its premises for the duration of the rental, thus ensuring availability as the customer's need arises. In this case, a token amount of "availability" is paid and the full rental rate runs only from the delivery of the machine

The company, thanks to its twenty years of consolidated experience, also ensures maximum quality to its service thanks to an organized network of expert refrigeration technicians, extended throughout the country and abroad also with local service centers, which guarantees the correct start-up of the machines and assistance throughout the rental period, also with the tele-assistance service installed on the machines that allows viewing any alarms in real time.

The machines in the rental fleet are also available for second-hand sale with appropriate warranty period.

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