16 - 18 October 2018 // Nuremberg, Germany

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No one understands better than us how important it is to invest in exhibiting at the right international events. That’s why we have used our expertise to develop a network of global events that connect you with the leading players in different markets – and offer you four unrivalled opportunities to grow your sales internationally. Where do you want to take your business next?

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Chillventa 2016 - Impressions

The official film of Chillventa 2016. Impressions of the exhibition for energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

Chillventa 2016 – great success: more visitors, more space

Chillventa 2016 International Exhibition, Refrigeration, AC & V, Heat Pumps, was a great success. Here in Nuremberg, the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump professionals, experts from all over the world came together. The next Chillventa will take place at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in October 2018. We look forward to seeing you!

Chillventa 2016 - Statements

Chillventa 2016 - Statements

Energetic inspection of Air Conditioning

On a training line in the special area, the speakers from the Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik (Federal College of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology) initially explained basic background information on the applicable standards and directives and the test equipment and ancillaries required for evaluating the results.

Chillventa 2016 - Special Presentation Heat Pumps

Discover the new energy world of Chillventa. Buy one, get one free: efficient heating and cooling with the heat pump technology. Industrial and commercial manufacturing processes as well as commercial air-conditioning often provide huge amounts of surplus energy.

Chillventa AWARD 2016 - And the winner is ...

The Chillventa AWARD recognized the achievements of expert teams (designers/planners, system engineers, clients/operators), who have realized a project that is based on exemplary cooperation going beyond just technical standards and impresses with regard to its functionality, energy consumption and technical innovations.

Chillventa 2016 - Special Presentation Data Center

The special presentation gives a comprehensive overview – from the idea to the implementation of a sustainable, energy-efficient data center. Whether you are an exhibitor or visitor, here you can update on the latest trends

Chillventa OPENING! Welcome to Chillventa 2016!

See some impressions of Chillventa OPENING

Chillventa CONGRESS 2016 - Know-how pure!

At Chillventa CONGRESS on Monday, 10 October 2016 NürnbergMesse offered experts a comprehensive insight into current issues in the sector.

Chillventa 2016 - Join our Network!

Ready to tap into the potential of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly concepts for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps? Chillventa gives you all the right resources – about 1,000 exhibitors will be available to share their expertise.

Chillventa 2016 - Connecting Experts

Chillventa is an exhibition for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump technology.

Chillventa 2016 – Expertise in refrigeration

Unique opportunities abound: At the world’s leading exhibition for refrigeration technology, you can make the contacts that truly take you further. Explore interactions between industry, plant engineering, applications and research, while meeting global players and industry experts. Gain valuable insights into tomorrow’s topics at Chillventa 11 - 13 October 2016 Nuremberg

Chillventa 2016 – Innovations for the hybrid use of heating and refrigeration

Ground-breaking technology: with heat pumps for commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. International experts will share profitable strategies for positioning your business in the global energy market of the future. Master the challenges of the global transition to sustainable energy solutions – learn from the best at Chillventa 11 - 13 October 2016 in Nuremberg.

Chillventa 2016 – Innovations for air-conditioning and ventilation technology

In demand worldwide: innovative products for sustainable comfort and process air conditioning. At Chillventa, international experts will show you how to leverage this potential with innovative combinations of air conditioning and ventilation solutions. Chillventa 11 - 13 October 2016 Nuremberg

Chillventa 2016 - Connecting Refrigeration Experts

Chillventa is THE leading international exhibition for refrigeration technology. Here’s where the industry explores new components, systems and services.

Chillventa 2016 - Connecting Heat Pump Experts

Demonstrate how you use heat pumps for industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

Chillventa 2016 - Connecting AC & Ventilation Experts

Present your company at the exhibition that combines refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology to your advantage.

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