Most extensive supporting programme in the history of Chillventa


Most extensive supporting programme in the history of Chillventa

A new specialist forum, a job corner and two professional competitions complement the proven supporting programme and make it the most extensive in the history of Chillventa to date.

Visitors at Chillventa

The world’s leading trade fair and congress for refrigeration technology is renowned among key global players and specialists from the refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump segments as a knowledge platform with a comprehensive, high-calibre supporting programme. This year, trade visitors have even more to look forward to in Nuremberg from 11 to 13 October: A new forum, a job corner and two professional skills competitions complement the established supporting programme, making it one of the most comprehensive in Chillventa’s history. The Chillventa CONGRESS launches on 10 October with four parallel tracks, on site and as a live stream.

“Tradespeople especially are an extremely important target group for Chillventa, so we are incredibly pleased that these extra supporting programme items, combined with the innovations and solutions of the more than 800 exhibitors, will give them yet another reason to visit. As well as three exhibitor forums, special presentations, guided tours and the high-calibre congress programme, we are looking forward to new features like the forum “A practical guide to digitisation for craftspeople”, the Job Corner, and an international skills competition,” says Elke Harreiß, Exhibition Director Chillventa at NürnbergMesse.


New forum: “A practical guide to digitisation for craftspeople”

"The new event highlight for all trade businesses: In the forum “A practical guide to digitisation for craftspeople” in Hall 8, Stand 8-528, tradespeople from a range of disciplines will be interviewed about the digital strategies and solutions they have implemented in real life and that can be adopted by other businesses. They provide genuine insights into how they work with networked systems, improve their efficiency and productivity, and gain more time and revenue as a result. Experts with a background in technology, industry and science will also discuss the concrete opportunities that businesses of all sizes in various trade segments can exploit in future by using cutting-edge digital technology.


Applications, Training & Codes of Practice Forum

Apart from this new forum, three thematically structured exhibitor forums also provide trade visitors with information about novel solutions and approaches. In Hall 9, Stand 9-550, the 57 presentations will focus on applications, training and professional development as well as laws, standards and codes of practice. The highlights include topics such as leak detection, recovery of refrigerants. circular economy, new refrigerants and refrigerant blends, and the transport of medical products. In a series of presentations in English, eurammon will inform system engineers, designers and operators about current developments and experiences with natural refrigerants.


Refrigeration Technology Forum

Halle 7A, Stand 7A-616 is the first port of call for all refrigeration technology enthusiasts. The highlights from the 53 presentations include “Challenges, tips and solutions for pump selection when using R-744 and R-717 in industrial refrigeration”, “The historical development of connection technology in refrigeration and air conditioning” and “Process-safe brazing of copper-chromium nickel steel joints with deep induction”.


Air conditioning, Ventilation and Heat Pumps Forum

This time round, the third exhibitor forum in Hall 4A, Stand 4A-401 will put the spotlight on the topical issue of heat pumps. The highlights include: “Industrial heat pump for up to 165°C, “First performance results of Heaten’s high-temperature industrial heat pump”, “Presentation of the R-744 AW and W/W heat pump” and “Heat pump certification”. In a series of lectures, the FGK (Professional Association Building AC) will explore the replacement of fans as a way of improving efficiency, while the VDMA will provide information on filters and indoor air quality. Energy saving and efficiency, filter technologies and indoor air quality will also be discussed in this forum, which offers interested visitors a total of 51 presentations.

Moderated by trade journal publisher Bauverlag (KKA & tab), the Expert Talks forum has specialists from the sector leading discussions on topics like refrigerants, the recruitment of skilled personnel, material shortages, and digital transformation.

All four forums combined serve up more than 170 presentations by experts on each day of the event.

The “session finder” provides a detailed overview of the four forums and the Chillventa CONGRESS. Visitors can use its various filters to put together the sessions that suit them best.


New feature for employers and skilled personnel: the mehrmacher Job Corner

The shortage of skilled tradespeople is also affecting the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. As the main industry platform, Chillventa aims to provide active support with this challenge, and this year has launched a new Job Corner in partnership with recruitment platform mehrmacher. At the dedicated area in Hall 9, Stand 9-660, companies presenting themselves as attractive employers will connect with professionals with specific skillsets. The reverse recruiting approach is used, i.e., firms apply to skilled personnel to fill their job vacancies. Prospective employees can register to receive relevant job offers from the employers. Employers also gain insights into how to position themselves for the future.


Special presentation “Heat Pump Innovation Lounge”

"This special presentation in Hall 4A, Stand 4A-305 is geared towards all heat pump manufacturers and installers. Experts from the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) will present innovative methods, comprehensive services and state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure, covering issues from product development to accredited testing. They will focus on the issue of noise immission from air-source heat pumps, research and development into refrigerants with low greenhouse gas potential, and heat pumps for industrial applications, where the AIT uses innovative methods such as augmented or virtual reality.


Special presentation “Handling flammable refrigerants”

This special display area in Hall 4, Stand 4-405 will provide theoretical information and practical demonstrations of the necessary components, tools, PPE and leakage risks associated with flammable refrigerants. The focus is on raising awareness about the proper handling of flammable refrigerants and safe work practices on refrigeration, AC and heat pump systems.


Guided tours at Chillventa 2022

This year, the fair will once again include professionally guided tours. Anyone wishing to take part in the guided tours conducted by trade journal KK DIE KÄLTE + Klimatechnik can register for the slots listed below (

  • Refrigeration technology (11-13 October, daily at 10:00)
  • AC and ventilation technology (11-13 October, daily at 13:00)
  • Special tour for trainees and apprentices (11 October – fully booked)


Emerging talents show off their capabilities in two professional skills competitions

A premiere: Two skills competition, one national and one international, will be held alongside one another at Chillventa in 2022, putting the spotlight firmly on the next generation of industry professionals. The WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition – in the refrigeration and air conditioning discipline – will be held in Hall 3 and will bring top-class specialists from 16 countries to Nuremberg to compete at the highest level for the world championship medals.

As usual, the German Federal Skills Competition (BLW) organised by the Federation of German Refrigeration Plant Installers will take place in Hall 9, Stand 9-330. The best young talents from their respective cohorts will compete to become the best young refrigeration technician of the year by impressing the jury with their technical expertise, professional skills and ability to work under pressure. The three winning contestants will be honoured at an awards ceremony at the BLW stand on Thursday 13 October.

For details of all items on the supporting programme, go to:


Chillventa CONGRESS: the extra helping of knowledge transfer

On 10 October 2022, the day before the trade fair, high-calibre speakers from the R&D environment and industrial practice will discuss the future of the sector at the Chillventa CONGRESS. A separate ticket is necessary to attend the congress. International delegates can look forward to the following four parallel congress tracks live on site in Nuremberg and as a live stream online:


7th Innovation Day Refrigeration Technology

Hosted by the Bitzer Chair of Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Compressor Technology at the Technical University of Dresden in partnership with the DKV (German Society for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) and the IZW (Information Centre for Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Technology), the latest projects from research establishments and industry will be presented in the Istanbul Room in NCC Ost. The topics covered will include the development of new refrigerant blends, the investigation of low-temperature refrigerants, the sublimation cycle in continuous operation, safe transport refrigeration with hydrocarbons, water as a refrigerant, and calculation models for faster design.


Heat Pumping Technologies for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

The second congress track in the Kyiv Room, NCC Ost, will be in English and will discuss innovations and trends in heat pump technology. The presentations are organised by the IZW (Information Centre for Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Technology) and include the following main topics:

  • Heat pumps with low GWP refrigerants
  • New perspectives for industrial heat pumps
  • Testing large-scale heat pumps
  • IEA HPT TCP Annex 54 – Workshop
  • Calculation models for refrigeration cycles
  • Sustainable heat pumps in residential buildings
  • Refrigerant issues


Air conditioning of data centres

The focus of this track by the DKV (German Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) is on sustainable solutions using waste heat for the energy-efficient cooling of data centres. It will explore issues such as the data centre as a thermal power plant, sustainable cooling concepts for Deutsche Bahn’s digital signal boxes, sustainable operation of data centres, a district heating system’s use of waste heat from a data centre, and sustainable bio-based monoethylene glycol for cooling. The location for this track is the Oslo Room at NCC Ost.


ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium

The fourth and last track of the Chillventa CONGRESS will be held in English under the banner “Time for Changes: Multiple Transition Challenges in Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration”. Tim van Ierland from the European Commission will give the keynote speech. There will also be three sessions exploring “The sustainability challenge”, “The refrigeration transition challenge” and “Transition challenges around the world”. The venue for this track is the St. Petersburg Room in NCC Ost.

For all details of the congress programme, please go to:


Get your visitor ticket now

With a regular ticket, trade visitors have access to Chillventa including the four forums, all special presentations, guided tours, the Job Corner and the skills competitions. Important to know: This year, ticket sales are only available in advance and online. A separate ticket is necessary for the four-track Chillventa Congress.

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