Forum Making Digitization Practical in the Skilled Trades at Chillventa 2022
7/27/2022 Digitalization News

Forum Making Digitization Practical in the Skilled Trades at Chillventa 2022

As part of the international trade fair for refrigeration technology Chillventa 2022, the forum Digitalisierung praktisch gestalten im Handwerk will take place from October 11-13!

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As part of the international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump experts Chillventa 2022 will be held from Tuesday, October 11, to Thursday, October 13, 2022, the forum Digitalisierung praktisch gestalten im Handwerk! 

On each of the three days of the trade fair, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., experienced craft entrepreneurs will describe their path to digitization in entertaining and compact power interviews. They report on the digital strategies and solutions that have been implemented in their companies and that can be transferred to other companies.

As a trade fair visitor, you will not only learn how digitization can further improve efficiency and productivity in your company, but also how it can save you more time and increase your sales. In addition, digitization is having a major impact on training, attracting and retaining qualified employees. 

The highlights of the forum's schedule of topics include practitioners from your trade. They will give you an insight into what customers now expect from a digitally oriented craft business. This will give you a lively impression of how modern craft enterprises work with their networked systems.

In order to drive digitization forward, these companies largely rely on cloud-based solutions in combination with industry software in both the commercial and industrial sectors. Digital planning, automated logistics and virtually supported assembly - all stages of work can now be managed with the help of cloud services. The true flexibility here must be shown by the IT required for this; intuitively operable and largely automatic according to the needs and requirements of employees and companies - and not the other way around.

Even the search for personnel is increasingly characterized by the use of digital technologies. Automation here goes beyond the identification of employees suitable for the company. In a discussion with experts, we will explain how this development has already changed the job market and how skilled crafts companies can survive here. 

Sales tasks have also become more complex for craft enterprises: Customers obtain information primarily via the Internet and social media. They approach craftspeople with specific ideas. In interviews, we find out how your sales department can find the right answers to these questions. 

In the current crises, it is becoming clear that digitization brings advantages and makes many things easier - or even possible in the first place. Of course, digitization also costs time - and money! But there are funding pots for innovation-oriented craft enterprises. Where exactly can entrepreneurs willing to digitize apply for funding? And for what exactly? At the forum "Making digitization practical in the skilled trades" at Chillventa 2022, experts will provide practical tips and advice on how to proceed in a structured manner when looking for funding for digital innovations in the company!

At the end of each day of the trade fair, digital pioneers from the skilled trades will discuss from 4 to 5 p.m. with experts from the fields of technology, business and science which specific opportunities will open up for companies of all sizes and from all skilled trades sectors in the future through the use of the latest digital technology.

In the schedule of events for the Forum on Making Digitalisierung praktisch gestalten im Handwerk at Chillventa 2022, you will find all the forum topics, practical interviews with entrepreneurs and experts, and discussions.

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„A practical guide to digitisation for craftspeople“

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