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We support refrigeration engineers who need evaporators that meets a space requirements & cooling capacity, as opposed to more standardized solutions

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  • Condensers
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  • Heat exchangers
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At SEREVA we offer you an attentive, rigorous and responsable service for the design and construction of custom Heat Exchangers for the generation of cold in refrigerated cabinets and refrigeration systems with the interest of being a unique customer. We propose a configuration for an evaporator coil or Air Cooler that best suits the requirements of space and cooling capacity, we manufacture in compliance with European regulations on leakage control. 

✅We offer solutions for CO2 gas with pressure certification up to 80 bar. 

✅Special corrosion protection for HVAC equipment with maximum heat transfer. 

✅Flexibility in supply, adapting to your production needs.

✅Application for order tracking and power calculation. 

✅Free or half-price shipping depending on the quantity per shipment. 

✅Solutions for lowering the temperature in just a few minutes for food preservation.

✅Solutions for negative temperatures.

Ask us for references from industries similar to yours and consult us about your cold generation needs. You can also send us your evaporator drawing to offer you our manufacturing price.

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Product Picture Custom Evaporator Coils

Custom Evaporator Coils

Product Picture Standard and Customized Air Coolers

Standard and Customized Air Coolers

Product Picture Evaporator for Blast Chiller

Evaporator for Blast Chiller

Product Picture Air Condensers

Air Condensers

Product Picture Cooling Unit - Monoblock BBM

Cooling Unit - Monoblock BBM

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