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We offer to the refrigeration sector sustainable green technology to minimize human impact on the environment.

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We offer

  • Refrigeration
  • Process cooling and drying
  • Cold gas processes (stirling, cold air, vortex and pulsation tube)
  • Cold store and frozen food store
  • Chill room and frozen food storage room
  • Industrial refrigeration
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Turanka 858/98a
62700 Brno

About us

MIRAI INTEX contributes to the protection of the environment through the introduction of innovative, advanced engineering technologies. We create refrigeration technology that leaves no ecological footprint.  New regulations on industrial equipment and refrigerants, which become stricter year by year, the deterioration of the ozone layer, global warming, have prompted us to develop units that run on natural air instead of harmful flourinated gases.

Our company was founded in 2015 in Switzerland with the ambitious but noble goal of revolutionizing the refrigeration industry in favor of climate protection. We have come a long way since the launch of our first unit and have made it far more energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate than any other ultra-low temperature solution on the market today.

Our hallmark is the in-house development and production of turbo-compressor equipment, on the basis of which we have succeeded in creating the most environmentally friendly refrigeration machines for ultra-low temperature applications.

The possibilities of implementing refrigeration technology range from the storage of biomedical and foodstuffs to climate testing, gas liquefaction and the cooling of chemical processes. Our extensive experience in various fields enables us to develop tailor-made solutions for our partners. We provide services from product solutions to production capabilities.

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Product Picture MIRAI Cold 10 D

MIRAI Cold 10 D

Product Picture MIRAI Cold 23 T

MIRAI Cold 23 T

Product Picture MIRAI Cold 10

MIRAI Cold 10

Product Picture MIRAI Cold 15

MIRAI Cold 15

Product Picture MIRAI Cold 80 T

MIRAI Cold 80 T

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