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We help to match craft businesses with new qualified specialists and motivated young talents.

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Bucherstraße 86/88
90408 Nürnberg

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Many other industries already offer great (digital) opportunities to inspire young people for the field of activity and to become aware of your own potential on the job market. 

But why not in the craft business? We want to bring the attractiveness of the handcraft back to the consciousness of the young people and show the numerous opportunities.

The craft industry has been suffering from a massive young talent problem for many years. On one hand, the craft businesses complain about the growing demand for their services and the potential, which they cannot fully exploit due to a lack of skilled workers. 

On the other hand, there are many workers in the skilled trades who are dissatisfied with their current situation, but do not know more about their numerous opportunities.

mehrmacher is the career platform for craftsmen and craft businesses in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. 

We help craft businesses to find new qualified specialists and motivated young people. We support companies with further support to position themselves digitally and future-proof.


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Christopher Breitinger

Sales Manager 0178 88 22 533


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