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Manufacturer of a wide range of top- and front-loading lifters for your HVAC installations. Quality, safety and durability guaranteed.

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We offer

  • Smoke extraction
  • Air ducts (ducts, pipes, piping fittings)
  • Pipes and accessories
  • Air curtains
  • Air heaters
  • Chilled ceilings
  • Accessories / Tools
  • Air coolers
  • Installation material
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Compact air conditioning units
  • Split air conditioning units
  • Multi split air conditioning units
  • Air conditioning cabinets
  • Central air conditioning units
  • Air heaters / Air coolers
  • Air cleaner
  • Heat pumps for industrial applications
  • Tools & equipment
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P. I. La Creu
46250 L' Alcúdia (Valencia)

About us

With nearly 40 years in the metal industry, GUIL specialises in the design and manufacture of material lifts, which are renowned for their innovation and efficiency.  The company demonstrates its great commitment to quality in the design, development and the materials used in the production of each model we manufacture, and the continuous innovation in all aspects of the lifters in its different ranges.

GUIL manufacture a wide range of models of lifter, both top-loading and front-loading, to provide devices for use by the largest possible variety of sectors and professionals.  The array of lifting heights and weight capacities across both types of lifters means that almost any specialist will be able to find the model that best suits their needs.

GUIL manufacture lifters and adaptors to help make HVAC installers’ lives easier.  Not many jobs are carried out 3 or 4 metres – or more! – off the ground, but that is the case of HVAC installation.  The units are fastened high on the wall, both inside and out, or even on or inside the ceiling.  Ventilation ducts can be fixed a lot higher than that, too!  The perfect present for an installer will be something to help to get those units up to their working height and keep them there while they’re fastened in place – and all without effort.


GUIL’s lifters will help you to complete jobs more quickly and efficiently, lifting your air-conditioning unit, or ventilation ducting, and holding it in position while you fix it in place.  No more struggling up a step-ladder with the A/C block or duct in your hands:  Just let your GUIL lifter do the hard work.©

Getting the job done more quickly, of course,  increases your productivity, and means that more jobs can be done in a week – or have more free time at the end of the day.  The time that you save at work is yours to use later – for work or leisure.


GUIL lifters improve security for installers, eliminating risks from handling heavy or bulky items at height.  The high-quality materials and components used in our lifters guarantee the strength and reliability that protect workers at all times, ensuring many years of safe, trouble-free air-conditioning or ventilation installation.


GUIL makes light, compact lifters, whose small footprint allows them to be set up to install HVAC equipment in places such as balconies, stairwells, bathrooms or small storerooms, where there is poor access and not much space.  With their small stowed dimensions and detachable legs, they can also be easily loaded and transported in small vans.

Our TORO B-, C- and D-range machines have side stabiliser legs that can be deployed against walls or the ground, and extendible base legs with several positions for greater flexibility: they can even be used as counterbalance devices as well as standard lifters.  Fitting only three of the detachable legs of some of our ELC lifters allows them to be positioned against the wall when necessary.


With GUIL, you have at your disposal over 30 models of lifters for HVAC equipment, with maximum loads from 85kg to 440kg, and lifting heights from 3.30m to 8.00m.  Use our wide variety of attachments to lift the loads you work with: platforms of different sizes and materials for air-conditioning units or ventilation ducts, including 45x45cm trays that fit between the outside A/C support brackets; or cradles for cylindrical ducting and other objects. 


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Product Picture TORO A-102/C Material lifter

TORO A-102/C Material lifter

Product Picture ELC-720 Material lift

ELC-720 Material lift

Product Picture ELC-730/R Material lifter

ELC-730/R Material lifter

Product Picture ELC-710 Material Lifter

ELC-710 Material Lifter

Product Picture ELC-725 Material lifter

ELC-725 Material lifter

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