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Awarding Winning Drainage System For Refrigeration and HVAC Systems

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  • Water treatment
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WA1 4LA Warrington
United Kingdom

About us

Who Are We

  • Bio Products Group is UK based family-owned and run business established in 2015. We made it our mission to become a leading product disrupter by creating sustainable, recyclable hygiene products for use in everyday life.

What We Make

  • The Award-Winning BioPipe Drainage System - The World’s First Plastic Pipe System for Soil and Waste Water specifically designed to reduce the build-up of bacteria and slime that cause endless blockages, water leaks and service call-outs for the end-user.
  • BioPipe is a drainage system for refrigeration and A/C applications. Proven To Reduce Water Leaks by 97% or Higher
  • Payback Less Than 1 Year, With Total Cost Of Ownership, Significantly Less Than A Standard Drainage System.
  • Green Sustainable Procurement Supporting the Commitments of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policies.
  • Operational/Maintenance Cost Savings Of 88% Can Be Sensibly Realised and Achieved.
  • 94% Cheaper Than Other Drain Blocking Solutions Over A Ten Year Life Cycle.

The Technology

  • Passive Action Polymer Technology functionalizes the polymer surface by modifying the physical property of the material. A surface that is protecting the material from the growth of bacteria, viruses, moulds, biofilm and fouling.
  • 100% Safe. The technology does not contain toxic substances. There are no biocides, no silver, no triclosan, no nano-materials or any other harmful chemicals. No Leaching & Forever Lasting.
  • An intrinsic/inert change in and on the surface of the material. There is no substance migrating or leaching to act against bio-films. The functionality is purely due to the improved mechanical/physical property of the material surface. That means it will never run out; it is simply always there. So it will never fade away or wear off.
  • Sustainable, Reusable and 100% Recyclable at the end of life.
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Product Picture BioPipe ABS Solvent Weld Drainage System
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BioPipe ABS Solvent Weld Drainage System


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