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  • Event: Specialist forums
  • Stream: AC & Ventilation & Heatpumps
  • Topic: Highlight 1, Ventilation

Energy efficiency for installation

The presentation will show the savings potential offered by modern flow technology combined with efficient motors and demand-based control, and how this potential can be leveraged by upgrading to efficient fans. (machine translated)







When & Where


Thu, 13.10.2022, 11:00 – 11:20


Format: Lecture

Language: German


A lot has happened in the field of fans in recent years. Especially in the field of fluid mechanics. The use of computer-aided simulation tools in conjunction with new materials and manufacturing processes has made it possible to achieve massive improvements in efficiency. This applies to both centrifugal and axial fans.

In addition, the EC motor has become widely accepted as a drive concept. This motor technology not only offers advantages in terms of energy efficiency, but also demand-oriented operation thanks to stepless controllability saves money.

This development holds enormous potential for existing plants whose fans are getting on in years. The lecture deals with the current fan generations and shows which performance classes and fan designs are particularly suitable for fan replacement.

The topic of recording and evaluating operating data is playing an increasingly important role. Here, too, EC fans offer interesting possibilities with their ability to record and transmit operating and sensor data. Concrete retrofit examples are used to demonstrate the results that can be achieved by replacing old fans. Refrigeration plants, in which axial fans are usually used, as well as ventilation plants with centrifugal fans and cooling towers are considered.

Furthermore, it will be shown how a FanGrid can be used to react flexibly to difficult room conditions and how additional operational reliability can be achieved through redundancy.

(machine translated)

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Recording of the session

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