Chillventa | Rapid prototyping of Heaten’s industrial very high temperature heat pump
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Rapid prototyping of Heaten’s industrial very high temperature heat pump

Learning’s from parallel design and development of Heaten’s 1MW industrial very high temperature heat pump (VHTHP) will be presented. In addition, relevant applications and key-factors for successful system integration will be discussed.







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Wed, 12.10.2022, 11:00 – 11:20


Format: Lecture

Language: English


Heaten is a Norway based company that bring a 9-10-year R&D history in developing an industrial very high temperature heat pump (VHTHP) that turns waste heat into reusable process heat up to 200˚C.
The technology utilizes waste-heat, increases energy efficiency and accelerate the replacement of fossil-fuel fired heating systems. About 65 % of CO2 emissions from processes in industry come from the combustion of fossil fuel. According to McKinsey, electrifying industrial heating processes is the most important decarbonization lever.
The heat pump which is called „HeatBooster“ can be widely used in industries such as the food industry, plastic molding industry, pulp and paper industry, breweries, and drying processes. Additional growth markets for very high temperature heat pumps are hydrogen production, carbon capture technologies and waste heat from data centers.
Heaten’s technology advantages are firmly based in advanced piston technology which outperforms competitive technologies both regarding flexibility and the ability to operate at (much) higher temperatures than traditionally available, especially for industrial heat pumps. Heaten’s core IP focuses on durability and performance of industrial heat pumps.
The first part of the presentation will present results of recent industrial scale performance tests, with the objective to support with solid techno-economic assessment to industrial customers. Heaten‘s family of 1-6 MW VHTHP’s allow for smart cascading of heat pumps to provide customers with a robust solution to techno-economically integrate the „HeatBooster“ at process temperatures up to 200 ° C. An important key performance indicator is a cost-effective and smart system integration.
The second part of the presentation will discuss pathways to successful system integration in various industry. Special focus will be given to “brown field” integration with existing low pressure steam systems.

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Peter Breithaupt

Peter Paul Breithaupt

Heaten AS

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