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Innovative solution for ULT mobile freezer for medical transportation

- Innovative ULT solution to guarantee safe medical transportation of medicines and vaccines even in difficult environmental conditions
- Design of an efficient and Reliable ULT cascade cooling solution with low GPW electronic controlled compressors for medical boxes







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Tue, 11.10.2022, 13:20 – 13:40


Format: Lecture

Language: English


Biomedical companies, laboratories, hospitals, and medical facilities store, process and transport highly sensitive substances. This includes pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cells, genes, blood, etc. The reliability of their cooling equipment is essential to ensure the quality and usability of the stored assets. And during COVID-19 pandemic, the gap in the mobile Ultra-low cold chain solutions became more obvious, and needs for building resilient cold chain across the world increased rapidly.

Secop has designed an active cooling solution for ultra-low temperature mobile applications that guarantees reliable storage and transportation of vaccines up to the last mile. This means even in harsh environmental conditions and in places with power shortage and fluctuations and/or very poor road infrastructure.

It is ideal for transporting boxes of mRNA-based vaccines, Cell & Gene Therapy, and other clinical applications with temperature-sensitive specimens. And with a tailor-made cascade solution, it can achieve precise temperature control and monitoring from -20 °C to -86 °C, which reduces the risk of waste for precious vials during transportation even in severe ambient conditions and limited grid connectivity.

The new ULT unit makes it possible to assemble reliable active transportation boxes, thereby offering plenty of benefits compared to passive cooling transport boxes: monitored cooling control, precise temperature settings, reliable transport in various ambient conditions, reduced risk of wasting vials, re-usable transport system to save tons of CO2, optimized lifetime, and reduced cost of ownership.


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Hendrik Bünz

Global Application Engineer_ Mobile Cooling
Secop GmbH

Recording of the session

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