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The German Association of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors (VDKF) is a registered association seated in Bonn, Germany.
Since 1962 we have been the leading trade association of the German refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pump industry. Over 1.000 member companies from trade, commerce, and industry are joined together in the VDKF and, employing over 20,000 people, represent an annual turnover of more than €3.5bn.

The association is a member of AREA (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association) and ASERCOM (Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers) in Brussels.
The purpose of the association is to represent and promote the commercial and professional interests of its members.
As a trade association, the VDKF offers its members a host of different services. This includes the representation of its members’ interests in respect of government agencies, public authorities, and associations as well as promoting the professional exchange of ideas and the personal networking among its members.

The services provided by the association include public relations work for showcasing the work and services provided by refrigeration and air-conditioning contractors and a comprehensive service offering that provides information and further training in the fields of business administration, business management, marketing, collection and evaluation of market data, finance, and taxes. The VDKF service offering also includes comprehensive preliminary legal counselling of its members on legislative issues concerning purchase agreements and contracts for work and services, warranties, VOB (German Contracting Rules for the Award of Public Works Contracts), building regulations, und labour law.
A key part of its service offering is the industry software solution VDKF-LEC (Leakage & Energy Control) which the association has developed in cooperation with its project partner (ZiU).

With VDKF-LEC, refrigeration and air-conditioning contractors can offer their customers an all-in-one solution for fulfilling their recording and reporting obligations, including the logging of mandatory leak tests. The VDKF-LEC product group also includes a version for contractors which enable the operator to produce legally certain documentation, get an overview of the systems in operation, and compare systems data.

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VDKF-LEC - Leakage & Energy Control


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