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  • Automation systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Sensors
  • Gas detection systems
  • Cold insulation
  • Sandwich panels
  • Doors
  • Accessories
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration
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Via Meucci, 7
39055 Laives

About us

Isolcell S.p.A. is world leading company and a manufacturer of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) equipments since 1958. We manufacture and supply N2 generators, CO2 Absorbers, Ethylene Catalytic Converters, Gas Analysers, Software, Room Isolation, Accessories, and the Complete Automatization of the plant. Thanks to the experience gained during these years, Isolcell S.p.A. is one of the main players in turn-key storage plants. 
Alongside our flagship products, we make available for our customers core competences in the project design of CA cold storage facilities as well as experience in post-harvest techniques. Moreover, during the last 20 years Isolcell S.p.A. has reached the exclusive licence for the use of the fluorescence technology in dynamic controlled atmosphere, patented from the Canadian Government. Up to now, our company has installed more than 3000 rooms with DCA-FC (with fluorescence) all over the world, including Russia, with incredible results on the quality of fruits. A big list of studies and references is available for any interested costumer.

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