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Natural Refrigerant Gas - the best alternative to the phasing-out HFC

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With the full supply chain control of the N-Butane, Isobutane and Propane, as well as an exclusive distribution contract on high purity Propylene, GTS is a leading company in the segment of natural gases.

GTS purification unit enables to get a purity > 99.5%, a humidity < 10ppm and non-condensable gases < 175ppm, the rule for the high-purity and high-quality standards of hydrocarbon gases for refrigeration. The Polarpure refrigerants range offers a very low GWP and no-ozone depletion. As a natural refrigerant, they represent the best (green and economical) alternative to the phasing-out HFC.

The new distillation plant produces propane (R290), iso-Butane (R600a), n-Butane (R600) and propylene (R1270) up to 3.5 grade, allowing to minimize moisture and non-condensable gas content. The combined control of heating and cooling optimizes water and power consumptions allowing GTS to be in line with the objectives of the green economy.

With its in-house transport/logistic department and its strategic locations GTS is able to supply its partners all over the world granting an outstanding quality.

With several packaging, ranging from 5 kgs bottle, through various sizes drums, to the full 40ft Isotank, GTS is equipped to satisfy all its partner’s needs.

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Product Picture R600A Isobutane

R600A Isobutane

Product Picture R290 Propane

R290 Propane

Product Picture R1270 Propylene

R1270 Propylene

Product Picture R600 N-Butane

R600 N-Butane


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