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Esair Fabric


Design and produce Textile Air Ducts tailor made, unique to each HVAC project.R&D team for fabric and duct design.Improved laser cutting machine.

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We offer

  • Defrost devices
  • Air ducts (ducts, pipes, piping fittings)
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Mahmutbey Mah. Istoc sitesi 35.ada No:7

About us

Esair Fabric, which is a registered mark of TVT Tekstil, is developed by TVT Tekstil after heavy R&D study to design and produce fabric (textile) air ducts for each project’s specific requirements.

Esair Fabric is the first and only domestically fabric (textile) air duct producer company of Türkiye.

As Esair Fabric, we design and produce Textile Air Ducts tailor made, unique to each HVAC project. Our R&D team focused on fabric and duct design.  We have our own production facilities, including improved laser cutting machines and sewing operations.

Our products are made in Türkiye %100, which provides a price advantage comparing to our competitors. Türkiye has a very strong textile production and design ability.

Turkish Airlines, Pirelli tyres, Pepsi Group, Real Wrap Co. (England), Friterm (Worldwide Evaporator Producer), Ulker, Sutas, Ak Gıda, Namet / Maret, Cantek Group, Derindere Hospital Office, Bombai Sweets and many other dairy product and meat processing food companies from Turkey, Asia and Africa are among our customers. Our products are being used in England, Germany, Holland, Australia, Vietnam, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Azerbajian, Georgia, Algeria and Bangladesh currently. EUR1 is provided for export operations.

Our products have EN-13501-1 Fire Classification Certificate with B-s1-d0 degree , AATCC-100 and ASTM 2149 Anti-Microbial Test Certificates. Connection parts such as Collector, T-duct, Elbows, Reductions, Meshed Conical Diffusers, are designed and produced for almost all projects.

Our patented suspension systems have two options: Extruded Aluminum Rails or Ropes (Stainless Steel/GI).

We have impermeable (coated) , low permeable (60 m3/h-m2 at 120 Pa), medium permeable (100 m3/h-m2 at 120 Pa) and high permeable (300 m3/h-m2 at 120 Pa) fabric types and different color options. Our Flow Types includes Fabric Flow, Micro Hole Flow, Perforated Hole Flow, High Throw Flow and Nozzle Flow.

Our another product is Defrost Flap, which reduces defrost time from 40 min to 15 min and prevents heat loss during defrost mode of the cooling unit. It can work from -40C to 80C. It also increases the air speed and air flow range.

Fabric (Textile) Air Ducts

Hygienic, Easy To Wash

Ducts Connection with Zippers

Uniform Air Distribution

Anti Bacterial (AATCC-100 and ASTM E-2149 Certificate)

Fire Retardant (EN 13501-1 : B-s1-d0) Fire Classification Certificate)

Circular or Semi-circular Section

Lightweight and Low Transportation Cost

Easy and Quick Assembly

Quiet and Comfortable


Different Color Options

Tailor Made Production




Defrost Flap

Its water rebellent and moisture resistant special coating structure permit working under very low temperatures.

When Fan is Running:

It increases the inlet air speed and directs air into the cold room.

It increases the flow distance.

When Evaporator is in Defrost Mode:

Fan stops working and Defrost Flap, immediately goes down and closes the front side of the fan.

Defrost Flap prevents heat loss by blocking heat to run away into cold room during the heating operation by the resistance to melt the frozens.

It decreases defrost duration from 40 to 20 minutes.

It provides energy saving by reducing defrost duration.

It can work down to -35 C degrees.

It increases the life time of evaporator and fan.

It can be easily and quickly assemblied on the fans or textile duct adaptors.

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