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Energy Save offers climate-smart and cost-effective solutions for both domestic, private housing and commercial real estate.

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  • Heat pumps for commercial applications
  • Heat pumps for buildings
  • Heat pumps for domestic hot water
  • Heat pumps
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About us

ES Energy Save Holding AB (publ) operates through its subsidiaries ES Systems, ES Heat Pumps och ES Services and offer products, systems and services aimed at energy savings. The core products are based on the latest heat pump technology and all companies in the group plays an active part in the product development for the European market. Besides actual products we also offer service and different digitized tools and services.

The Energy Save company was founded in 2009 and has since then delivered over 10 000 heat pumps for the domestic market. Since 2013 we have delivered over 200 heat pumps for commercial buildings and in 2014 this was made an own product called ES NordFlex.

Energy Savehas also developed innovative and front line plug-in-modules, designed for commercial buildings. These plug-in-modules creates a new market for temporary heat pump installations, a concept that does not exist today. Our plug in modules rationalizes the traditional installation, which often is complicated, time consuming and cost driving, and facilitates the installation with intermediaries men and less coordination.

Though the fully industrialized serial manufacturing we secure quality at the same time as cost can be lowered. The level of freedom for the builder and property owner enables big savings, new opportunities and increased property value.

Energy Save has established an effective and dynamic platform for development and manufacturing together with heat pump manufacturer Amitime in China. The joint developing results has through a wider European and global perspective been very competitive and commercial successful which has contributed to a strengthen both the cooperation between the two companies as well as our market position.

Energy Save develops and offers energy saving products. We offer the market cost-effective, smart and flexible products for maximum energy savings.

Product and concept development as well as system evaluation are done in Sweden and Norway under full control of the Energy Save companies. Production and final assembly of products takes place with ongoing production and quality control of ES personnel, which enables generous product guarantees.

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