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cool it - More than just doors In everything we do, there is only one yardstick for us: our customers.

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Ochsenweg 18
49324 Melle

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Innovative door systems have been our profession for almost 35 years! Today, cool it is the market leader in Europe and manufactures 35,000 doors per year with around 230 employees.

Every product that leaves our company is the result of an intensive examination of the needs of the market. That is why doors and gates from cool it prove themselves in daily continuous use. For example, in food processing, temperature-controlled logistics and food storage, in gastronomy, research and development or in pharmaceuticals, medical technology and chemistry. In addition, cool it offers seamless customer support in planning, project management and processing. That's why we can say with conviction: cool it - More than just doors!

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Product Picture SR8 SR12H Sliding doors for utility rooms, chillers and freezers
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SR8 SR12H Sliding doors for utility rooms, chillers and freezers

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