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The portal for an industry. globally organizes information from refrigeration technology with suitable products and service providers.

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Köpenicker Straße 325
12555 Berlin

About us GmbH is run by Roy and Nico Desens.

The fascination for the world of cold was awakened by the jobs of our parents. Our father repaired refrigeration systems and our mother ran an ice cream shop. This is how we found our way into the cold. Today we are successfully active in the refrigeration industry. arose from the lack of information in their own day-to-day business. "Wouldn't it be nice if you could bring together all the information about technology and components, as well as the relevant contacts, in one place?

Through the constant search for new service providers or suitable products and components for commercial and industrial refrigeration projects, the brothers came up with an idea. One technique! One industry! One webpage! But how does it work? A portal on the Internet? We learned and studied refrigeration technology and we know the problems in day-to-day business. We also know how the individual participants in the industry interact with each other. But implement all of this as a digital, international marketplace? A huge challenge!

Our first conversations about this took place around the campfire in October 2014 with friends who work in the IT industry. A business plan and a name were then needed. perfect. Now a suitable logo. A snow crystal in a globe. Excellent! Meanwhile we were already in 2015 and looking for web agencies. Then things got serious and the first version of the portal was commissioned. Of course, all in addition to the daily work. But, as a result, we were much more aware of our work and constantly thought about how we could put all the problems of day-to-day business with all the technical terms into one logic. But the vision was clear. We want to add value to the refrigeration industry. GmbH was founded in March 2016.

We were full of energy and convinced of our project, so that on August 13th, 2016 we went live with the first version of The first version of was set up as an address book with manufacturers and service providers in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. In October 2016, we presented our first digital marketplace in our own booth at the Chillventa refrigeration trade fair in Nurnberg. The site grew and quickly reached its system limits, so that we already had to carry out the first relaunch in 2017 in order to be able to incorporate the experiences and needs of the industry. In 2017, we were commissioned to provide advice and planning for refrigeration systems "in between" and quite incidentally. “In between” has now become a separate department. engineering, with references from relevant large companies, is now an integral part of the market.

The planning focused on industrial refrigeration with natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2. With the combination of planning and portal, we can link high-quality information on products, systems, standards, guidelines and designs and make them available to the entire industry. Back to the portal. It quickly became clear that the know-how area on, with specialist knowledge of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, was the No. 1 access. This was followed by planning for the next full relaunch from 2020.

The mission: organizes information from refrigeration technology worldwide, with suitable products and service providers.


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