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We offer

  • VRF systems
  • Pipes and accessories
  • Refrigerant distributor
  • Components for the refrigeration and heat pump circuit
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191 Neelkanth
380058 Ahmedabad

About us

Greetings from India,

22-7 Enterprise specializes in the manufacture of copper-based VRF joints, branch piping kits, refrigerant joints, and refnets for the VRV/VRF sector. As an OEM partner, we make joints for some of the world's leading brands, and we also create custom designs for individual clients. Needless to add, we also serve the aftermarket.


Whether you require a single joint or thousands, we have a world-class manufacturing facility in West India, as well as great logistical support, to ensure that your requirements are not only reasonably priced but also supplied on time. Additionally, we would like to emphasize that all of our joints are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent industry requirements.

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