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Modern solutions for modern refrigerants

Modern refrigerants need modern solutions. We present some of them for evaporators, condensers and chillers – a solid engineering work made at Hexonic offices and labs.







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Do, 13.10.2022, 13:20 – 13:40


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“R” Brazed plate heat exchangers are designed for use in cooling or heating installations. Refrigerant evaporators, condensers and economizers. Advantages of new optimized solutions for modern refrigerants are among others: outstanding reliability, resistance to freezing, special channel pattern for effective evaporation or condensation.

EVAPORATORS:  A two-phase refrigerant is sent to the bottom welded connection of the exchanger. Flowing through the channels it evaporates completely while acquiring the required degree of overheating. Water or glycol flows in counter-current flow.

CONDENSERS: Hot refrigerant vapours are sent to the top welded connection of the exchanger. Flowing through the channels they condense while acquiring the required degree of subcooling. Water and glycol flow in counter-current flow. RDS SYSTEM

Refrigerant Distribution System is a unique system of dynamical distribution of a boiling agent which has been developed by Hexonic for evaporators with higher refrigerating capacity. This system ensures a balanced distribution of the agent inside the channels and simultaneously reduces the fluctuations in vapour overheating.

“RAD” Designed for modern A2L refrigerants perfect for refrigerant applications, especially for water source heat pumps as evaporators and condensers. The main application of RAD is water source heat pump which is powered by heat energy from a ground heat source such as a lake, river or even the sea, uses it to supply hot top water and heating for residential buildings and more. Basically, it works in a similar way to air source heat pumps, but they do not extract heat from the air, but only from the water by collectors placed at the bottom of the tank. This solution is an alternative to gas, coal and other non-renewable fuels.

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Christian Huhn

Managing Director
HEXONIC Sp. z o.o.

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