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  • Luftkühler
  • Luftschleier
  • Verbundsätze
  • Verflüssigungssätze
  • Überwachungs-/Schutzsysteme
  • Kälteschutz
  • Brandschutz
  • Sandwichelemente
  • Türen
  • Gewerbekälte
  • Eisspeicher
  • Raumtrocknung (Gewerbe u. Industrie)
  • Prozesskühlung und -trocknung
  • Industriekälte
  • Kühlung/Tiefkühlung/Isoliertechnik
  • Kühl- und Tiefkühlzellen
  • Kühl- und Tiefkühllager
  • Zentrale Klimaanlagen
  • Reinräume
  • Zubehör
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Via Prandi, 11
42019 RE

About us

It is from simple intuitions that the most innovative projects are born, an idea born by observing reality can quickly become an international scenario. In this frame Frigor Box was established in the 70s. We were the first in Europe to revolutionize the concept of masonry cells for storing food, developing the technology of the cam locks between polyurethane panels to make them modular and versatile. An unprecedented contribution to the refrigeration sector, decisive for improving the insulation, customization and transport of refrigerators and industrial systems. Over the years we have expanded knowledge and invested in the research and development of new solutions, to meet every need. Our products and systems are suitable for all sectors and activities where insulation, hygiene and flexibility play a fundamental role, managing to guarantee temperatures as low as -40°C, down to -80°C. The application of refrigeration in the industrial and commercial fields holds no secrets for us and we continue to develop new tools and procedures to add value to our partners.

We have always been driven by a flexible and resilient organization with strong technical skills, capable for 50 years of remaining a leader in the design, production and preparation of products for the refrigeration industry. We put the customer’s needs first, anticipating their expectations with innovative, quality solutions offering a complete and professional service.

The Frigor Box offer starts from the customer's requirement and the objectives of its business. It is a process of trust that we design to measure, analyzing the request and developing the most suitable solution capable of bringing a competitive advantage.

Take a look at our industrial cooling solutions and contact us to discuss quotes and technical features.

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Produktbild Roll-in Industrial Blast Chiller & Freezer

Roll-in Industrial Blast Chiller & Freezer