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FLEXELEC is the specialist in design and production of flexible heating elements for all kinds of temperature maintenance.

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About us

FLEXELEC is an expert manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements.

FLEXELEC heating elements are used for many applications in the refrigeration industry, which is a major area of innovation and development for FLEXELEC products.

From design stage to the production of prototypes, we help you find the best solutions from both the technical and economic standpoints. Our skills have been built up through constant product development. This means that today we can provide our customers with innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

The refrigeration, building, transport, petrochemical and aeronautical industries are just some of the sectors to benefit from our know-how.

The flexible heating elements designed by Flexelec owe their efficiency to three main characteristics :

      • They can physically adapt to the most complex shapes for optimal energy and heat efficiency.

      • They are easy to fit, which means that they can be used quickly to equip installations in which space is at a premium.

      • In most situations their operating costs, in relation to the investment involved, make them the most economical option. This is due to the fact that they are made to measure.

Mains application for refrigeration and air conditioning system are :

Prevent seals from sticking due to freezing in equipment running at below-zero temperatures and enable doors to open and close by fitting a heating elements in the frames.
Allow water from defrost cycles to flow freely or help it to evaporate by internal or external tracing of piping, collector spouts or trays.
Prevent mist or frost forming when opening glass doors by fitting a heating cable in the frames.
Heat seals to allow doors to open and close by including a heater cable in a groove made in the frame opposite the seal. This stops the door from sticking due to freezing.
Allow water from defrost cycles to flow: an aluminium heating fabric is laid inside the collector tray. When the outlet pipe is located inside the cold room, a special heating cable named drain line heater is laid inside it.
Maintain the temperature of concrete sub-bases by making a thermal barrier under the insulation. This prevents condensation which, as it expands due to freezing, could damage the floor of the building.
Prevent ice from forming on the surface of the floor by laying the heating cable in the top concrete slab above the insulation, at the entrances and exits of freezing tunnels, unloading docks, etc.
Separate the coolant from the lubricating oil by fitting a heating collar around the compressor: this will protect against the absorption phenomenon caused by the low temperatures.
Protect fluids circulating in exchangers, pumps, collectors, tanks and piping from freezing, to guard against malfunctioning and flow interference.
The refrigeration, building, transport, petrochemical and aeronautical industries are just some of the sectors to benefit from our know-how.

Choose FLEXELEC, and you’ll soon see that you are the focus of our attentions.

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Contact us :  -  + 33 4 72 48 30 90

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