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Tyczka Industrie-Gase GmbH


We are refrigerants

About us


We offer

  • Operating Materials
  • Refrigerant
  • Secondary refrigerant, brine
  • Technical gases
  • Disposal / Recycling
  • Containers for refrigerants and gases
  • Leak detectors
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Wholesalers
  • Education / Continued Education / Postgraduate training
  • Cleaning / Disposal / Recycling
  • Tools & equipment
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Contact Information

Blumenstraße 5
82538 Geretsried

About us

"Wir sind Kältemittel (We are refrigerants)" - these three words summarise what we stand for.

We identify ourselves with our products, but also with our customers. For us, refrigerants are not just a division in our product range, but every single one of our experts is passionate about what they do.

That is why we know that the F-Gas Regulation requires a lot of rethinking as well as restructuring, and we would like to accompany our customers and the entire industry on this path.

This year’s Chillventa visual shows that sometimes you have to dare something new.

So, we decided against the classic blue that stands for "the cold" and opted for green. 

Our decision has been based on several reasons. 

On one hand, green is the bottle colour of many HFC refrigerants, which still play a role despite the on-going phasedown process.

On the other hand, green naturally stands for the way towards low-GWP and halogen-free refrigerants, such as biogenic R-744, which occupy an important place in our portfolio.

Finally, it symbolises the sustainable use of resources. The switch to low-GWP refrigerants and halogen-free products requires to rethink processes, so issues such as a legally compliant take-back and recycling are playing an increasingly important role.

We want to share our passion with our customers and thus offer everything to do with refrigerants. Of course, this also includes heat transfer fluids, technical gases and training courses.

In a nutshell: We are refrigerants!


About the Tyczka Group

Tyczka Industrie-Gase GmbH (TIG) is part of the Tyczka Group, which was founded in 1924 and employs 600 people. The headquarters are located in Geretsried near Munich in Bavaria. The core business areas are the marketing and production of industrial gases and the nationwide energy supply with liquefied petroleum gas. In addition, the Tyczka Group is investing in the hydrogen sector, thereby increasing its contribution to the decarbonisation of the economy and the conversion to a sustainable energy supply.

In the area of refrigerants, TIG offers a broad portfolio that includes HFCs, HFOs, halogen-free products and heat transfer fluids / cooling brines. It also offers a take-back and reprocessing service for refrigerants of safety classes A1, A2L and A3.

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