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We are system manufacturers for multifunctional and highly efficient heat and cold recovery for ventilation and air conditioning systems

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We offer

  • Water recoolers (cooling towers)
  • Air heaters
  • Air heaters / Air coolers
  • Heat recovery
  • Air conditioning
  • Air coolers
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About us

SEW has been offering GSWT technology for almost 40 years. With recovery values ​​of over 77% for closed circuit systems, we are revolutionizing the entire heat recovery industry to this day. With the high heat recovery rate and the unique redundancy, the GSWT closed circuit systems can take on additional functions. This makes SEW the founder of multifunctional heat and cold recovery technology.

Due to the high reheating figures combined with the high redundancy of the GSWT technology, efficiency values ​​from 1:20 to over 1:100 are possible, i.e. one part of electricity generates up to 100 parts of heat, cold and recooling.

The amortization of such energy-saving systems is already possible immediately or in a very short time due to the possible substitution of heating, cooling and recooling services. Due to the high redundancy of the GSWT technology, multiple amortization is also possible through cost savings in other trades or on the structure.

In addition to adopting high-efficiency energy saving, we also promote high-quality air and air conditioning design for maximum air quality, and adopt GSWT technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

The flexible GSWT technology is particularly recommended for retrofitting and renovation.

The most important references include the Federal Chancellery, large clinic buildings such as the Charité Berlin, the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic, the Hanover Medical School, the Stuttgart Clinic and the Clinic of the University of Munich-Großhadern, as well as large WRG systems in the Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt and in the Chemical institutes of the University of Bonn (510,000 m³/h).

GSWT technology is the first choice for construction projects that are certified according to DGNB.

And the entire SEW team ensures that we remain innovative for the next 40 years.

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