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Air-cooled liquid chillers

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Key Facts

  • efficient
  • high-quality
  • sustained

Key Facts

  • efficient
  • high-quality
  • sustained

Product information

The air-cooled liquid chillers include the HELIOS, EOS and STRATOS series and are designed exclusively for outdoor use. They offer a very wide capacity range in almost all application areas and can be adapted to almost all project-specific needs through a variety of options. The HELIOS and EOS series was developed to cover small to medium performance ranges. The STRATOS VP series is the driving force among the Secon series of air-cooled chillers. It covers the high capacity range. The air-cooled units are available in single- to four-circuit versions. Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which were specially developed for applications with flammable refrigerants, are used as compressors. The capacity control is either stepless via inverter or stepped.


For applications with discharge temperatures above -5°C, R290 (propane) is used. For lower outlet temperatures and especially for LT-applications, R1270 (propene) is preferred. All components used comply with the highest quality standards and valid safety requirements. All units are subjected to a test run with functional checks before delivery.


The hydraulic piping is made of copper or stainless steel, depending on model size, components such as butterfly valves, Y-filter, vent valve, filling, and draining valve, as well as a safety valve are already standard.


Available options:

  • Heat recovery (desuperheater/ full condensor)
  • Integrated free cooling (available depending on model)
  • Low-Noise
  • Integrated primary pumps (single or redundant / charge pumps or regulated)
  • Integrated buffer tanks
  • Siemens S7 control (available depending on model)


Areas of application:

  • Process and server room cooling (HT)
  • Air-conditioning and process cooling at medium temperature level (AC)
  • Medium-temperature cooling (MT)
  • Low-temperature cooling (LT)


Capacity range:

  • HT: 10 – 1.200 kW
  • AC: 10 – 1.000 kW
  • MT: 5 - 900 kW
  • LT: 5 - 200 kW
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