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We are leaders in the designing and manufacturing of customized electric motors in the fields of energy saving

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We offer

  • Water recoolers (cooling towers)
  • Air heaters
  • Air coolers
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Power packs
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Axial fans
  • Components for the refrigeration and heat pump circuit
  • Oil coolers
  • Central air conditioning units
  • Motors
  • Speed control and frequency converters
  • Water treatment
  • Ice cream + cream production
  • Process cooling and drying
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Data centers
  • Central ventilation
  • Air heaters / Air coolers
  • Heat pumps for industrial applications
  • Pumps
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Via J.F. Kennedy, 43
30020 San Donà di Piave

About us

For sixty years we at Lafert Group have been developing cutting-edge technologies for energy efficiency.

We are leaders in Europe and we put all our experience and commitment to innovation to build a more efficient and sustainable future. Our core business is asynchronous and synchronous motors, totally customized and designed to bring Lafert excellence in energy efficiency. High performance electric motors that make reliability the core of Lafert products. 

Energy efficiency is an element that we have always looked for in our solutions with the aim of increasing the performance optimization of our motors. Since our foundation, we have been active in the market of HVAC, pumps, and ventilations by designing products with high energy efficiency beyond regulatory standards.

These applications require robust and reliable motors in continuous operation for this reason we put into practice the most innovative technologies to create cutting-edge products.

The most important news will be:

  • HP Combi Motors, a special package that combines a permanent magnet synchronous motor with its matched variable frequency drive.
  • HPI 2.0 Motors, the 2nd generation of our Integral Drive range that integrates in an extremely compact and unique design a permanent magnet synchronous motor with its matched variable frequency drive.
  • HPS Motors, the range of permanent magnets motors achieving up to IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency.
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HP Combi


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Holger Klein

General manager

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