Chillventa | Aliga Rapida Cooler: Vertical fast-loading door for cooling areas

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Aliga Rapida Cooler: Vertical fast-loading door for cooling areas

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The ALIGA-Cooler VZ marks a new generation of highly functional cold room doors and is suitable for use in fresh and cold rooms up to 0° Celsius. Unlike the well-known sliding cold room doors, this high-speed door combines the best features of modern high-speed doors and insulated doors in a single, uncompromising cold room door.

The ALIGA-Cooler VZ is an elementary component, especially in heavily frequented operating rooms. The curtain balancing system allows an opening speed of up to 2.5m/s and a closing speed of 1.5m/s. The speeds can be adjusted by means of the control unit. The speeds can be set as required by the control system and automatic emergency opening in accordance with ASR 1.7 is possible.

The all-round sealing of the cold room doors and the door curtain made of three cold and heat insulating layers prevent less cold air from escaping from the cooling areas. This achieves perfect thermal separation and energy costs can be reduced sustainably. 

A self-switching light grid is used as a closing edge protection, which ensures contactless reversing. In addition, the door curtain is equipped with a flexible floor closure that pops out of the guide rails in the event of a collision. In the event of a collision, the door leaf is able to reinsert itself into the guide rails independently. The ALIGA-Rapida Cooler then functions perfectly again with the next opening impulse.

Smooth processes, low-maintenance operation and simple installation are the focus for us as a manufacturer for all our doors. The reduced maintenance effort of the system due to the low wear and tear leads to significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs. This reduces downtimes and lowers energy consumption.

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