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Aliga EST: The Energy saving Door

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The ultimate freezer door

The ALIGA-EST, our Energy saving door, revolutionises the market for freezer doors and follows the trend towards products and operating equipment that have a positive impact on companies' energy balances.

EST doors have been conceptually developed from scratch for deep-freeze areas. As one of the first rapid action doors worldwide, the ALIGA-EST combines the positive characteristics of previously known sliding and high-speed doors in one product. The high-speed door is highly loadable and can therefore also be used efficiently in permanent cycles, especially in cold stores with frequent storage or retrieval processes.

The "coolest" member of our product family impresses with maximum speed and insulation for minimum energy loss. The self-supporting construction of the door ensures that the door can be installed completely independently of the wall conditions. In addition, it is possible to install the freezer door on the warm side as well as on the cold side with up to -30° Celsius.

The exceptional thermal insulation in combination with the fastest possible door travel ensures a significantly higher energy efficiency than conventional cold room doors with a fixed door leaf.

The short opening and closing speeds of the flexible door blade prevent unnecessary waiting times on the internal transport routes and minimise energy losses. There are no visible cables on the entire freezer door and all components, as well as the surrounding seals, are integrated into the panel construction. Optionally, an integrated emergency opening function in accordance with ASR 1.7 ensures that even in the event of a power failure, no employee is locked in the freezer area and the door opens reliably at all times.

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