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Wir bieten

  • Branchen-Software
  • Bauelemente für RLT-Anlagen
  • Be-/Entfeuchtung
  • Luftleitungen (Kanäle, Rohre, Formstücke)
  • Luftfilter
  • Automatisierungssysteme
  • Datenfernübertragung
  • Überwachungs-/Schutzsysteme
  • BUS-Systeme
  • Gaswarnanlagen
  • Schaltschränke
  • Technische Gase
  • Messgeräte
  • Luftbefeuchtung
  • Aus-/Fort-/Weiterbildung
  • Forschung/Entwicklung
  • Sensoren
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Via R. Luxemburg 55
20085 Locate Di Triulzi

About us

FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS (FCE), leader in international markets in the controlled atmosphere sector, with over 60 years of experience acquired thanks to the collaboration since 1952 with experts and researchers from all over the world, produces technological systems and new solutions for maintenance of the quality of fruit and vegetables after their harvest.

The controlled atmosphere is a means of enhancing and amplifying the traditional preservation through cold, being able to significantly improve the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, giving the consumer full satisfaction of his expectations, both from the organoleptic point of view and from that of the healthiness of the product, without the use of any chemical product.

FCE has been committed since the beginning of its activity in the search for modern and innovative solutions, which represent the state of the art of storage, with the introduction of many technologies (for example the now widespread DYNAMIC ATMOSPHERE - SWINGLOS, internationally recognized as the first and most effective preservation weapon to avoid scald of apples and pears) and other winning applications.

For FCE creativity and technological development, but also balance with nature, are essential aspects, which make the controlled atmosphere an art.

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